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Q: What Is Forestry Mulching?

A: Forestry mulching is new land management technology developed for the purpose of reducing biomass (i.e. underbrush, trees, timber slash, invasive vegetation etc.) without disturbing soils or damaging desirable vegetation.

Q: How Does Forestry Mulching Work?

A: Forestry mulching employs high powered machinery equipped with rotational drum style cutters to grind vegetation into mulch without the need for additional machinery. In other words, the machines simply drive around and eat, selectively reducing unwanted vegetation and woody debris into a bed of nutritive, soil stabilizing and attractive mulch. Forestry mulching, due to overall cheaper costs and superior results, is replacing traditional scrape/haul/burn practices. Forestry mulching rarely requires permitting.

Q: Why Is Good Site Preparation Absolutely Essential?

A: Site preparation is literally the foundation upon which all construction activities from tiny gardens to shopping malls rest. Many landowners, contractors, and landscapers, in their eagerness to build, don't fully appreciate the importance of thorough planning and perfect execution when it comes to site preparation.

Site preparation is a principal determining factor in a particular building or landscapes longevity, usability and resale value. Mistakes such as poor soil handling and compaction, poor drainage, incorrect sloping, shoddy re-vegetation, etc. cost both landowners and taxpayers millions every year. Often landowners find out about these shortcomings years after work was completed.

Q: Do You Provide Simple and Effective Brush Clearing?

A: Yes. Brush clearing is one of the most expensive, difficult and time-consuming tasks undertaken by landowners. In the past, brush clearing generally meant landowners were left with huge burn piles, dangerous unpleasant footing and a garage full of expensive and toxic herbicides.


Our high powered forestry mulching equipment can reduce heavy brush, unwanted trees, slash and small stumps into mulch in a single step - no sharp stumps, no burn piles, no double handling and no permitting. You will be left with property you can use and maintain.

Q: Why Is Forestry Mulching a Sought after Property Clearing Strategy?

A: Forestry mulching is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after property clearing strategies available. Landowners are simply amazed that a single piece of equipment can transform their scrubby, overgrown and unusable land into attractive and marketable real estate in a single day. Property owners, realtors, and contractors are also elated to learn that forestry mulching can be done year round and usually without permitting. Forestry mulching is the perfect one-step solution.

Q: What is the best way to clean up untended land?

A:  Often, land purchased for retirement or second homes requires significant work before house site selection and preparation, or in some cases resale can take place.  If you are unclear about how to develop and utilize your property our services can be of great benefit.  We offer everything from pasture restoration to trail systems, under-brushing to invasive species removal.


We would love to develop a property clearing strategy that suits your immediate as well as long-term management goals.

Q: Can You Handle Land Clearing?

A: Many Southeastern property owners possess attractive and healthy woodlots that cannot be used and enjoyed, maintained or marketed because of dense underbrush, invasive species, and deadfall material.  Carolina Mulching Co. offers a variety of innovative strategies to help landowners reclaim their woodlots and forests.  We can selectively transform underbrush, stumps, and trees up to 10 inches in diameter into mulch with mobile machinery in a single step while strategically avoiding keeper trees and erosion problems.


In the past underbrushing performed by hand was fiendishly expensive and produced poor results, while the traditional mechanical underbrushing severely damaged soils and keeper trees. The traditional way of land clearing could damage the roots to keeper trees and cause erosion problems. This has all changed with the introduction and development of forestry mulching technology.  Forestry mulching is without question the most effective, affordable and attractive way to underbrush.


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