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One of the most frequently asked questions to Carolina Mulching Co. is "can I afford to have this done?" and the answer is most definitely YES!  We specialize in getting jobs done quickly and professionally.  We strive to make your property beautiful, clean and more useful so that you can fall back in love with the outdoor landscape.  Most folks can't believe the difference when we transform an overgrown lot and clear the underbrush.  What's left is a nice area of mulch that makes the trees healthier and preserves the soil around them.  Keeping the beautiful wooded area without the unsightly underbrush will greatly improve the look of your land while becoming more useful, pet-friendly and safe for your kids to play outside!


Looking to buy a lot with the intention of clearing it? Contact us first for a free estimate so you'll know what you're getting into before you buy.

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Life is too short to have ugly land! Contact us today to see how we could serve you!

What's so great about forestry mulching anyway?

It's the same principle as paying for mulching around trees and shrubs.  Along with the aesthetic value, the ground covering mulch allows rainwater to only seep through the mulch which gives the ground a level amount of water penetration to prevent the washing away of soil causing deep grooves in the soil and washing away the soil that can lead to root exposure and kill off the trees you actually want to keep.  Additionally, the cover of mulch helps prevent unwanted vegetation from germinating in the soil below, without disturbing topsoil or having to get permits and putting up silt fencing or retention ponds, saving you thousands of dollars.


This is the fastest, cheapest, most environmentally friendly way to clear your land.

Land Services, Solutions, and Supplies  

The piedmont Triad's #1 source for all land services, solutions, & supplies

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